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After years of research in libraries all over Europe, after years of study and analysis, we are proud to announce that the first scores of the composer Pasquale Anfossi (Taggia 1727 -  Rome 1797) are close to the publication in original edition and in critical edition. They will be available soon from us. The ambitious project to edit this vast body of work, surely will last decades. We decided to start with the instrumental works and the sacred music, less known and performed, but very interesting and reserving big surprises. The quintets for flute/oboe and string quartet are ready to be printed.

We are currently working on the manuscript of the oratorio "Sant´Elena al Calvario", the restoration of which we have contributed financially, preserved in the Archive of the “Congregazione dell´Oratorio San Filippo Neri” in Rome, undoubtedly one of the most interesting music libraries in the world.

Soon further developments.



Pasquale Anfossi Institute


As part of its activities, Accademia di Musica di Taggia establish the Institute Pasquale Anfossi, who will handle in systematically study and execution of the works of the composer born in Taggia.

His extraordinary production of operas, oratorios, sacred music, symphonies and chamber music, still being mostly unprinted in the modern era, is preserved in Italian and European libraries.

The skill of our research is to study these works and present them to the public, in both modern and in historical performance with ancient instruments. Systematically, through our portals, we will keep gradually aware of our activities and our concerts.

Stay tuned !!

Valerio Fasoli


Published the first Research about:

Pasquale Anfossi

5 Quintets "Die Verfolgte Unbekannte"

for Flute/Oboe and String Quartet


Istituto Pasquale Anfossi

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